Sunday, May 28, 2017

Extremely practical, fairly unglamorous

I'm sandwiching this post in between two 'pretty' projects because it's firmly in the category of Dull But Necessary. Sometimes sewing is like that. The rewarding part is not in the sewing or the finished object, but in the repeat upon repeat wearing of the garments.

With the onset of cooler weather we're all rummaging through our wardrobes and drawers for the longer layers. More than likely, some have seen better days or you realise you're down to those same two tops you had on repeat last winter. I realised I needed neutral-coloured long-sleeved tops and leggings. Yawn. We have a great selection of knits in store at the moment so at least the fabric selection part is a bit fun!

Cut to the chase: I made two versions of an Alabama Chanin top (machine-sewn rather than hand-sewn as the pattern is intended), one in this beautiful fine tencel/linen jersey:
and another in super-soft modal.

No modelled shots I'm afraid as they're a) boring and b) quite fitted and meant for layering only!

I also made some leggings (I use the Cake Espresso leggings pattern) in a similarly neutral colour from some organic cotton/spandex (available in store). Scintillating photo:
Are you still awake and reading?

Dull as each of these garments is, I am incredibly grateful to my recent-past-self for making them and they are already in heavy rotation. So do yourself a favour -
- and sew some basics. Check out our knit selection here. We have also just restocked on the Grainline Lark Tee pattern which is a great place to start if you're looking for a go-to knit top with lots of options.

- Jane & Fiona xx


  1. What would we do without those dull basics! O like the look of the tencil/linen!

    1. They're the quiet achievers aren't they?! The tencel/linen, if I may play favourites, is my fave of these tops :D

  2. I've been busy whipping up boring basics too! In my case, multiple t-shirts in neutrals. They aren't the most exciting to plan or sew, but how wonderful to see such practical options in my drawer when I go to get dressed!

    But now I really need to make something more fun, like a skirt!

    1. Yes - big pat on the back to you! And onto something fun! (I didn't allow myself to start the Tamarack until I'd made these basics.)


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