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Pattern Review: Papercut Sierra Jumpsuit

Hi, Jane here! The Papercut Sierra Jumpsuit has been on my to-make wishlist ever since its release last year. Jumpsuits in general are tricky to test for fit until they're almost entirely sewn. So instead of a muslin, I made a properly finished garment that could be a shop sample if it didn't fit me well enough. Having a bit of Papercut experience under my belt, I was pretty confident in cutting the size M with a little bit of extra room added in the backside. (Ah, the things you end up casually writing in the name of sewing.) Here's how I added a little extra room in the 'seat': That was good for size, with some expected bodice adjustments required for my final take-home version. Here's that first version, ain't she pretty? You can see this sample in the shop and even try it on if you like! I used our Hemp/Organic Cotton Chambray . It's such a well-behaved and pleasing fabric to work with, a mid-to-light weight that softens but doesn&

Pattern Review: Thread Theory Strathcona Henley

I have a real aversion to buying new clothes. I try and make most of my own, but I haven’t so far made a huge amount for my partner, Neil. I’m always making promises, so I delay him buying new clothes, but often my intentions don’t match reality so his wardrobe can start looking a little threadbare….I could no longer ignore the little holes in his t-shirts (I don’t know how but they appear in all of them), necklines a bit stretched out, and the odd stain here and there. All looking a bit shabby. Now was the time to come through on my promises, especially as we had the gorgeous 55% Hemp, 45% Organic Cotton Jersey fabrics in store. I am always excited to find fabrics with hemp content as hemp requires no pesticides and significantly less water to grow than cotton and is known for its durability. I decided to give the Thread Theory Strathcona Henley a try, in the t-shirt option (Variation 2). This pattern is described as a slim fitting t-shirt that can be sewn either with a st