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put a peplum on it: stylish dress book 2 box top hack

If you've been reading our blog for a whi le , you might remember last year, when we were all about the box dress? Well, after a sh ort hiatus, we are back on it, but this time we are hacking it into a peplum top. Oh, how we love a simple but versatile pattern , and Stylish Dress Book 2 pattern D is still a total winner. For a few years, I've been gently begging my daughter Audrey to see if she'd like me to make her a few clothes again. She's 12 now and, understandably, has firm ideas about what she likes to wear so I didn't want to push the issue. Recently , she said she'd like a top with a slight frill at the bottom - so I started up the mother-made campaign once more. She tried on one of my box t-shirts (not blogged) and asked if we could modify it. Um, YES! So, off we went. The Dress D pattern is as straightforward as it gets - just a front and a back with no darts or fastenings - so it really lends itself to modification. W

Liberty Love: Tessuti Kate Top

  With Summer still chugging along for most of us here in the Southern Hemisphere, it feels like there are still plenty of reasons to squeeze in a light, airy garment or two. And, really, a singlet is perfect late-Summer sewing fare: it's quick to sew, takes a relatively small amount of fabric and can easily be teamed with a cardigan as the weather changes. If you need any further convincing, may I suggest Liberty?   I'd been quite taken by the Tessuti Kate Top when I'd seen it do the round of the internets late last year. It's a nice boxy style singlet but with some extra details that make it a little more spesh. Kate comes in two versions - mine is option B which features a highline neck plus back opening with button-loop, as opposed to option A's lower, scooped neck. I hoped that the higher neckline would work with my broad shoulders and be good mates with two other wardrobe staples: my favourite black Grainline Moss Skirt and jeans. And it is! So I

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Summer Liberty Love

We recently received our summer delivery of Liberty Tana Lawns here at The Drapery, and they've inspired some serious drooling. They're amazing fabrics and yes, they're on the pricey side, but don't let them intimidate you. Simple garments can be the best way to showcase a Liberty print. The width of the fabric (137cm) means a little can go a surprisingly long way. As far as 'special' fabrics go Liberty is extremely easy-care, being a fine cotton, so you can wash and wear your Liberty garments all summer long. Don't just save them for best! To keep your colours as vibrant as possible, hang to dry out of direct sun. Fiona and I of course consider it our duty to demonstrate some of the uses of Liberty for your inspiration. Here's the simple, lovely and comfortable Roberts Collection Top ( pattern by Marilla Walker ) in Liberty 'Melting Elements '. (The elements were indeed a bit melty this day so excuse the wrinkles.) Worn with perennial