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Pattern Review: Thread Theory Belvedere Waistcoat

Thread Theory is a Canadian independent pattern company designing for men (with a couple of women's patterns in there too). The Belvedere Waistcoat is their latest release, currently available only as a pdf but eventually to be in print like their other patterns. This is the third Thread Theory pattern I've sewn. I find their attention to detail and level of instructions to be excellent, and felt confident the Belvedere Waistcoat would be likewise. And it was! My husband Andy is a great fan of waistcoats as part of his work wardrobe. The Thread Theory Fairfield shirt is a good fit on him with minor alterations, so I was hopeful this pattern would be too. I was also able to compare the Belevedere pattern pieces to one of Andy's favourite waistcoats and it seemed a good match. The Belvedere is exactly what I was hoping for in a waistcoat pattern, being fully lined, having front and neck facings and proper welt pockets. Several optional add-ons are in the process o

Extremely practical, fairly unglamorous

I'm sandwiching this post in between two 'pretty' projects because it's firmly in the category of Dull But Necessary. Sometimes sewing is like that. The rewarding part is not in the sewing or the finished object, but in the repeat upon repeat wearing of the garments. With the onset of cooler weather we're all rummaging through our wardrobes and drawers for the longer layers. More than likely, some have seen better days or you realise you're down to those same two tops you had on repeat last winter. I realised I needed neutral-coloured long-sleeved tops and leggings. Yawn. We have a great selection of knits in store at the moment so at least the fabric selection part is a bit fun! Cut to the chase: I made two versions of an Alabama Chanin top (machine-sewn rather than hand-sewn as the pattern is intended), one in this beautiful fine tencel/linen jersey : and another in super-soft moda l. No modelled shots I'm afraid as they'

Grainline Tamarack Jacket in Velveteen

Have you ever sat with a quilt on your lap in winter and thought how cosy it would be if you could actually wear it? Well the Grainline Tamarack is your opportunity to do just that - and look socially acceptable at the same time! Jen of Grainline Studios first released this pattern in October 2015. Since we were heading into the Aussie summer we didn't really think a lot about it. But Jen seems to have a way of being a little ahead of trends and designing long-lived classic garments, and the Tamarack has been sneakily growing on us. I loved this one by Heather Lou of Closet Case Patterns, and the final push for me was seeing this quilted jacket by Kate of Bombazine . I was in need of another casual, warm jacket that I could throw in a bag and take anywhere. My Grainline Cascade Duffle has been possibly my most worn/thrashed item of handmade clothing ever, and although it's holding up pretty nicely in its third winter, it could use a little respite. I'd been hanging