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Pattern Review - Merchant and Mills Ellis Dress

We’ve had the Merchant and Mills Ellis & Hattie pattern sitting in the shop for years and I’ve often thought I’d like to give it a try. Gathered waists, however, are not necessarily my bag. Then there was the question of which one to make: Ellis with its sleeves and in-line pockets, or Hattie with a dropped waist, lined sleeveless bodice and impressively voluminous patch pickets. It was all too hard! The pattern stayed on the shelf. Then, earlier this year one of our lovely customers, Alisha walked in wearing her gorgeous version of Ellis , and - BAM - straight it went to the top of my sewing queue.  Weeks later when actual sewing was due to commence, we had just taken delivery of some beautiful fabrics from Japan and I was smitten with these linen/cotton  light twills, especially in this lush deep teal . After cutting (of course, AFTER) I recalled that I may have unintentionally completely copied the version that inspired me: same pattern, same colour fabric. Oh n