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About racism (let's not beat about the bush).

If you follow much of the online crafting community you will probably have come across a recent conversation about racism, which was sparked in the knitting community. We've followed, we've read, we've had our eyes opened and thought a lot. And we've discussed whether it's our place, as owners of a tiny, independent fabric shop, to contribute to the conversation. Our conclusion? It must be better to say something (and risk 'jumping on the bandwagon' or saying the wrong thing) than to say nothing at all. Active anti-racism is still, unfortunately, a necessity. So, briefly, we wish to say that we wholeheartedly welcome people of all races and other diversities at The Drapery. We recognise our own white privilege, and that intent and effect can be entirely different. We are still learning about the forms white privilege takes and the way it affects others. Please let us know when and how we can do better. - Jane & Fiona xx