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We heart it - the Surface Art Wrap Skirt

The oh-so-versatile Surface Art Wrap Skirt. Here made up in Umbrella Prints hemp/organic Cotton Grand Hearts in Smokey black. If there's one pattern we recommend time and time again for beginner sewers, it could well be this one - the Wrap Skirt by Surface Art. This skirt is a great way to dip your toe either into or back-into sewing garments. And who can go past the simple wrap skirt as a handy wardrobe staple? Not me, apparently - I've made three of them. Look! It's just three main pieces, plus a narrow interfaced waistband. There are a couple of ties on the inside to prevent wardrobe malfunctions, and a button to finish off. Because it's a wrap skirt, there are no tricky fitting issues since you can just move the button to get the fit spot on. Sizes from XS to XL are all covered in the one pattern. Excuse the hopper-ball flare. This version of the skirt made up in Mid Century Vessels, cotton/linen. The pattern can be found on our website here .  P

There's life beyond the Box Dress in Stylish Dress Book 2!

Friends, meet pattern G from Stylish Dress Book 2 - Simple Smocks, Dresses and Tops . It's described as 'Midi-Length Jumper Dress' (in the American meaning of 'jumper'), but I think of it as The Apron Dress. For obvious reasons.   Yep, it's this book again, from which we are always banging on about the Box Dress (pictured on the cover, and featured on our blog here , here and here ). And here is pattern G: It could hardly be simpler (much like the Box Dress), yet has that particular Japanese style: very simple lines in precisely the right places. That little back pocket? Perfect! (I'm not sure if it has a grubby mark on it in the picture below or if that's the result of tweaking the lighting, but please excuse for the sake of actually getting this blogged!)  This is made up in our Stretch Denim - the 'black' colourway, which is still quite blue, but not as blue as the indigo. It's a great mid-weight denim and the litt

Alabama Chanin ALL the things

Are you familiar with the Alabama Chanin books and distinctive style? Natalie Chanin's second book, available at The Drapery, $44.95 They're the creation of Natalie Chanin, who hails from, clearly, Alabama USA. Her signature style is hand-stitched garments made from organic cotton jersey, with various embellishments including reverse-applique and beading. You can buy her beautiful hand-made-in-the-USA ready-to-wear garments, at understandably substantial prices ( oh look here's one named for me ), or you can read her books and tackle the projects yourself. I've been wanting to try this for ages... oh you know, the never-ending project list? Anyhow the planets aligned and I had a go at a fitted top. I just used the most basic construction method and no embellishments since this was really just a test for fit. I used a double layer of fine cotton jersey that was a gift from a destashing friend. It's not perfect but I'm rather liking it all the same! You