Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Pauline Alice Rosari Skirt

Here's a great little wardrobe basic that we highly recommend: the Rosari Skirt by Spanish designer Pauline Alice.
As described on the pattern envelope: "Classic and inspired by the 70s, the Rosari skirt will be your best friend all year round. Mini or midi length, it is so versatile and goes with everything. With 4 pocket options: A - rounded with coin pocket, B - patch pocket, C - inverted pleat patch pocket with flap, D - zipped pocket."

The myriad of pocket options was one of the things that really drew us to this pattern. I'd like to try them all!
This time I opted for the mini length with zip pockets at the front and patch pockets at the back, made up in sturdy 10oz traditional dark denim.

 Let me tell you the insertion of those zip pockets was one of those incredibly satisfying sewing moments. You know, when you think 'yes, I really made that!' It's not too tricky, the instructions guide you through it very well, and the result not only looks great but is very practical. I can carry the essentials like phone, hanky and lip balm without fear of them falling out!

A note about sizing: at first I made a muslin of the size 44 since that seemed closest to my measurements. This skirt is designed to sit at the 'natural waist' i.e. the narrowest part of your torso. For me, this occurs pretty much at the bottom of my ribcage and well above my navel, which is not where I like to wear my waistbands! To get the fit I wanted, I had to size up to the largest size, 48. So bear in mind the Finished Measurements given on the envelope and match the waist size to where you'd like the skirt waistband to sit.
Whilst this means the pattern's sizing errs on the rather small side, I believe the simple shape of the pattern pieces would mean the Rosari Skirt would not be difficult to grade up using a slash & spread technique.

The picture below shows the insides of the skirt: I French seamed the pocket bags and flat felled the back and side seams to add extra polish to what was already a very neat interior.

 I added the optional belt loops and just need to find the perfect 70s style skinny belt now!
The mini or midi length Rosari Skirt would be great in any fabric with a decent amount of structure to hold the A-line shape. Midi-length in a woven wool, with lining added, would be a wonderful winter wardrobe addition. Meanwhile I know I'll wear this denim Rosari all the time, all year, on its own or layered with stockings or leggings.

A big thumbs up for the Pauline Alice Rosari Skirt!

- Jane & Fiona xx


  1. A useful tip about the natural waist. Not being efficient enough to make a muslin, I recently finished a skirt that now sits way too high as my navel slipped well below my natural waistline years ago. I shall remember this tip next time. thanks.

    1. Ah, navel slippage! So that's what happened to me. Slippery little buggers.


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