Monday, February 8, 2016

Summer Liberty Love

We recently received our summer delivery of Liberty Tana Lawns here at The Drapery, and they've inspired some serious drooling.

They're amazing fabrics and yes, they're on the pricey side, but don't let them intimidate you. Simple garments can be the best way to showcase a Liberty print. The width of the fabric (137cm) means a little can go a surprisingly long way. As far as 'special' fabrics go Liberty is extremely easy-care, being a fine cotton, so you can wash and wear your Liberty garments all summer long. Don't just save them for best! To keep your colours as vibrant as possible, hang to dry out of direct sun.

Fiona and I of course consider it our duty to demonstrate some of the uses of Liberty for your inspiration. Here's the simple, lovely and comfortable Roberts Collection Top (pattern by Marilla Walker) in Liberty 'Melting Elements'.
(The elements were indeed a bit melty this day so excuse the wrinkles.) Worn with perennial favourite Grainline Moss Skirt.
This pattern comes together quickly, and the Liberty takes beautifully to the flat-felled seams required, which give a lovely finish. Just one metre was required for this top, and it could even be eked out of 70cm if a different fabric was used for the facings.

I just can't seem to get enough of this pattern, and it's not even one we sell in the shop so there's no reason for me to be plugging it except to say it's awesome! (View B is on my wish-list now.)

Here's another version of the Roberts Top made from a soft, yarn-dyed Japanese check cotton, and the back view showing the seaming that adds interest to an otherwise very simple shape.

This one's been in very high rotation this summer, usually with Deer and Doe Chataigne Shorts, so it is great to welcome a Liberty version into my wardrobe.

What's your ideal Liberty garment?

- Jane & Fiona xx


  1. Cute!!! That v-neck is so flattering on you, Jane! And it's perfect with that skirt. Of course, it never hurts to see a garment made up in Liberty! Lovely lovely.

  2. I bought some Liberty fabric to make ties (until I realised I could buy them ready made) so have a metre of fabric that has been waiting for something special. Maybe this is the thing to do with it and stop being so precious about the fabric.

  3. Very good. wonderful work done by Jane. thanks for share this.

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