Thursday, October 29, 2015

Frocktober: the Sylvie Dress by Christine Haynes

Well this may be our last official Frocktober frock post for 2015 but rest assured, the frocks don't stop here! Frocktober has had us thinking all the frocks, all the time and we will do our best to keep the inspiration flowing.
We've been very pleased with the support of our Frocktober fundraising and awareness for the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. Thanks to all who have got behind this important cause!

The Sylvie Dress pattern was released by Christine Haynes early this year, just as we were heading into the cooler months. So this sleeveless style is really just starting to make sense about now for us southern hemisphere types!

I made this in a lightweight denim that we recently began stocking at The Drapery, and neither of us had tried yet. I am pleased to report that it was lovely to work with, and is soft and relatively non-wrinkling to wear. A lot of blue dye came out in the pre-wash so that is something to be aware of - although generally to be expected with denims.

I used this tutorial specific to the Sylvie pattern to make a full bust adjustment, which worked perfectly, distributing the extra fullness between the three under-bust darts. Before that, I moved the whole set of darts over a bit towards the centre for better positioning in line with my bust apex.

 For reasons too long and uninteresting to go into, I cut the waistband on the bias, and did not use interfacing. This has caused a bit of wrinking around that area and if I make this dress again (which is highly likely), I will actually obey the instructions!
The skirt is a dirndl-style gathered rectangle, but after making a muslin I decided pleats would be more flattering on me. I also cut down the volume by using the smallest size skirt pieces. Then I made a 1 inch pleat every 1.5 inches, back and front. I also used a regular zip rather than invisible.

Sounds like a lot of alterations but really this is quite true to the original pattern! I love it and have already worn it a lot. A denim dress with capacious pockets is just about my ideal everyday frock. Seriously, check out those pockets!
Frocktober ends at midnight tomorrow October 31, so come on into the store 12 - 4 for your 10% off frock pattern+fabric purchases or claim your online discount on frock pattern+fabric purchases by entering the code FROCKTOBER at checkout. $2 of every Frocktober special purchase will be donated to the OCRF.

- Jane & Fiona xx

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