Frocktober: another Deer and Doe Arum Dress, in linen

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Deer and Doe + linen + Liberty = a recipe for Frocktober happiness, in my opinion! Since I've been wearing my first Arum Dress on high rotation, and since it's Frocktober, and we had a large new delivery of beautiful Lithuanian linens, and a new delivery of Arum patterns, well... how could I resist?
I was keen to try adding a functional pocket to the frock, rather than the decorative chest-height one as per the pattern. The pocket I ended up with was the result of a Pinterest 'patch pocket' hunt.
The original was for a child's size pocket so I made a couple of samples before I was happy with the shape and size. Below shows the shape untied. The lining is Liberty Tana Lawn 'Heidi', which I also used for the neck and hem bindings.
This amazing multi-coloured yarn-dyed linen is not listed in the online store since we only have a small amount, but if you can't live without it, give us a ring and we may have some left! Most of our washed or loomstate linens would make beautiful Arum dresses.

There are many styles of pockets you could consider adding to the Arum. The one-piece dress front is a wonderful blank canvas. I originally intended to add a pair of these pockets but after the first was in place, it seemed enough.
 I just love the simple lines of this design and the way the back seams are flattering to curves.
 And there you have it: another comfortable, simple and practical dress for summer.

We are freshly re-stocked with the Deer and Doe Arum pattern, after the first batch sold out in a flash! To purchase, visit us in store, call us on 08 7324 5883 Mon - Fri 10am - 4pm or Sat 12 - 4 (ACST) or email . We are very happy to take orders over the phone, discuss your fabric choices and help you with any extras like matching thread, so don't hesitate to give us a call during opening hours.

- Jane & Fiona xx


  1. This looks fab in linen - love the pocket.
    I love my first Arum - so tempting to make a whole wardrobe full of them - how many is too many, so you think? ;-)

    1. Oh so glad you love it too! That's exactly how I feel... and one is most certainly not enough! I think I need one in a patterned fabric next :D

  2. I love this!!! This pattern is so intriguing. I'm not really a dress person, but I love that this has no closures and just seems comfortable and wearable, in any season. It really suits you, Jane!!

    1. Thanks Inder! It really is the simplest thing to sew, but just really cleverly designed, I think. Bonus: it's easy to iron which definitely helps a garment get high rotation in my wardrobe!

  3. What a lovely dress and pretty pocket
    I am going though a pocket phase and will try one like that soon

  4. What a lovely pocket
    I am going though a pocket phase and will try one like that soon


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