Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fabric Friday: Hello Sailor!

In this Friday's Fortnightly installment of fabric goodness, we have a simple classic: navy and white striped cotton jersey that we call 'Hello Sailor'. (It may look black on your screen but it's really a very dark inky navy.)
This is a 100% cotton jersey, made in New Zealand, and a lovely quality. We've had the red & white stripe 'Where's Wally' (just a metre left at time of writing!) from this manufacturer and also 'North Sea/Kalamata' and been very happy with the fabric. So although we had to wait several months for this deep navy stripe colourway to have its turn at the knitting mill, it was worth the wait.

Jersey fabric has a right and a wrong side, like a tiny version of traditional plain hand-knit, as you can probably just make out below.
The edges can be a bit curly so you may want to do a fair bit of pinning as you use this, especially to accurately match the stripes. You'll find that this 100% cotton jersey doesn't roll up quite as much as cotton/spandex blends though. You can even leave the edges raw on some garments if you don't mind a slightly rolled look: it won't fray.
 It's quite a fine stripe of about 5mm.
What to make from Hello Sailor? Well you can't go wrong with a classic striped tee like the Liesl & Co Maritime Top or Sewaholic Renfrew. It would also make a lovely light summer dress; perhaps the Christine Haynes Marianne or Colette Myrtle?

Find Hello Sailor in store or online here.

- Jane & Fiona xx

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