Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Seabrook Bag from Seamwork Magazine

Here's a project where neither pattern nor fabric is available at The Drapery... but hey, we're all about sharing sewing inspiration! And we have plenty of fabrics that would work for this.

This 'Seabrook' bag pattern is from the Seamwork e-mag by Colette Patterns. Many of you know about Seamwork already but if you don't, have a look. Each monthly magazine has two pdf patterns which are designed to be simple, quick sewing projects. You can also purchase the patterns individually, which is what I did here.

 I chose this bag pattern because I wanted a bag that was fairly spacious and that could be worn as a casual backpack, for carrying during the day on an upcoming short holiday. I wanted to be able to whip up something quick, and use stash fabrics.

 Dog helping with demonstrating the size.
Fabrics used here are a Donegal Tweed and some silk brocade, both gifts from travelling relatives.
 On the bottom I used some denim, also from the stash.

Comments on the pattern and construction:
  • Essentially the bag is a couple of rectangles and a circle, and it seemed a bit excessive to print-and-tape a heap of paper just to cut out rectangles. However, there are some notches marked and perhaps it's the best solution.
  • I love the style and the size is perfect for what I wanted. It came together really quickly.
  • I found the grommets, which were very inexpensive, at Adelaide Leather & Saddlery, but the tool to set them was over $60. They recommended I visit Unley Shoe Repairs to have the grommets set, which I did.
  • The drawcord is quite thin and if I load up the bag with anything heavy, it could be quite uncomfortable to wear as a backpack. I may well end up replacing the grommets (metal eyes) with much larger ones and using a much thicker cord to help with comfort.
Rectangles are of course a very efficient way of using fabric. I had half a metre of the tweed and still had enough left over to whip up a You Sew Girl Flat Cap for my youngest son. I really love this pattern - as I've said before it's so well designed and written and the result is just so very satisfying.

Do you have any favourite bag or hat patterns?

- Jane & Fiona xx

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