Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Liesl+Co Woodland Stroll Cape - in aid of keeping warm

It's (relatively) really, stupidly, biblically chilly here at the moment. We need layers, and lots of them. Fortunately, this winter we started to stock this fantastic Japanese wool blend fabric, and I was keen to whip up something toasty - fast.

Enter the Liesl+Co Woodland Stroll Cape. Three main pieces for each outer shell and lining - stitch them together, add some buttons and you're done. It's a really stright-forward sew, and it comes together fast. If you're tentative about sewing warm outerwear because of the complicated nature of most coat patterns, then this cape would be a great place to start. It also uses a modest amount of fabric - another plus if you are dipping your toe into sewing with (sometimes more pricey) wools for the first time. The pattern is download only, but with so few pieces it takes less than an hour to complete all the necessary sticky taping and cutting.

Even though it's a beginner's pattern, because it is a Liesl+Co pattern, the finish on this cape is really lovely and well resolved. As mentioned, I made this version in our Japanese Wool blends. This buffalo check is sold out, but the others can be found herehere, here, here and here. It's lined with this (also Japanese) cotton lawn which we also have in store. Any light, slightly slippery cotton would do the trick:

 From the back...


Only a small amount of pattern matching across the shoulders is required if you decide to make this in a check. :)

The cape pattern is also available as a downloadable pattern for children as the Forest Path Cape under the Oliver+S label. Cute!

I finished this one over a month ago, and its been getting loads of wear. It's not so heavy or outdoorsy that I feel silly wearing it indoors. There's still plenty of Winter left, so maybe another is in order - perhaps lined in flannel for some added extra cozy?!

- Fiona & Jane xx

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