Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Don't hate me, I'm wearing velour today.

Mmm, the feeling of wearing velour on a cold day. So soft. So snuggly. You know you want to.

This is another Grainline Hemlock (my first here) and I've barely taken it off since finishing it two nights ago.
It's made in this splendid Japanese velour in 'Smoke Grey'.
Not much more to say about it except I shortened the bottom by about 4cm/1.5". And even if velour totally evokes my 70s childhood, or perhaps because of this, I love it very much.
Trying to get a good photo of dark velour is a bit like photographing a black dog, except without eyes for a reference point!
 The whole top, with awkward hand pose (I think I was telling my son to move the camera down a bit to capture more than just the waist up).
Worn with Grainline Moss Skirt in hemp/organic cotton denim, because it goes with everything. Also, while I had black thread in the overlocker, I gave my bagged-out grey leggings a quick overhaul (i.e. trim down inside leg). Much better.

Anyway. Velour. Mmmm. Would also make an excellent Grainline Linden, Make It Perfect Skippy Dress, True Bias Hudson Pants or Colette Myrtle or Moneta dresses.

- Jane & Fiona xx


  1. This looks so soft and luxurious, and you are adorable with your weird hands. :)

  2. This top looks so comfortable with a bit of luxury - I don't know how you'll bear to be able to put it in the wash! It's amazing how versatile the Grainline hemlock pattern can be - it's all in the fabric after all!


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