Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Spring Skippy

 Thank you to Toni of Make It Perfect patterns for inviting us to take part in her Skippy and Joey Blog Hop!

I loved the look of these patterns when they were released, and with those names, well... what's that Skip?
"tch tch tch... tch tch tch tch!"
You're saying since Toni gave me a free copy of the Skippy, I'd better sew it up right away?
"tchtch tch!"
 Fair enough Skip, I'll do it!

To be honest, when I first finished this dress I was not really 'feeling it'. My fabric choices had been dictated by what I felt I could take from the shop without depleting precious knit supplies, and the grey contrast parts were due to there being not enough of the green stripe. Plus, I was feeling frumpy, the weather was cold, and I had just been told I was very low in iron and a bit anaemic. I wasn't sure about the puff sleeves on me, and the hem wasn't behaving well (although I hadn't tried pressing it). Also, I'd made a Size L on top graded out to XL at the hips and it still seemed a bit huggy in the wrong places. I draped it over the end of the bed to think about itself for a while.

But. Isn't it marvellous what a bit of spring sunshine and some iron supplements can do?

Boing! I put Skippy on this morning and felt... good! I still haven't pressed the hem but who cares?
 And here's the side view, you know, in the interests of showing a bit more of how it fits someone with a few curves. What is that pose? I have no idea.
Speaking of curves, I would love to see the Make It Perfect patterns increase their size range. I think Toni's patterns appeal to a broad range of ages, shapes and sizes and it would be great for the patterns to be accessible to more people.

In summary:

PATTERN: Make It Perfect 'Skippy'
FABRIC: Lillestoff organic cotton/spandex knit, grey marle cotton/spandex knit
I was sent a pdf copy of the pattern, and while I'm not normally a fan of that format, I really liked how the pattern pieces went together individually rather than one massive great unwieldy, taped-together sheet.
I find the pocket hand holes sit a little high for me to naturally want to use the pocket a lot. The holes could easily be cut down lower.
Instructions were good and it came together well - most of this dress was sewn on a regular machine with ballpoint needle and Gutermann Sew-All poly thread.

Sing it with me:
Skippy, Skippy, Skippy the bush kangaroo.
Skippy, Skippy, Skippy our friend ever true!

- Jane x


  1. You look great! Like you really do have a spring in your step! (Yanno, I swear by cooking cast iron for getting extra iron in the diet. I recovered from serious postpartum anemia with nothing but a cast iron and healthy food, and I don't even eat red meat!) And the dress is so cute and fun, it will be perfect for running around all summer. But, I'm sorry, but you are an XL in exactly no size EVER. WTF, pattern makers? If Jane is an XL, how do you think that makes actual plus-sized people feel?! I agree, widen your size range and align it more with RTW! I know vanity sizing is stupid, but the opposite is kind of punishing too.

    1. I am guessing the sizing is kind of based on RTW brands we get here like Esprit, which go up to I think an AU 16 which would - maybe - correspond to the XXL. But when you look at the demographic that purchases patterns from our store, at least, it's not dominated by the sort of 13 - 30y.o. that's probably the core of those RTW brands' consumers. Reality is, most of us do get a bit bigger and lumpier as time goes by, and sewing for ourselves is an opportunity to create clothes that flatter our own shapes and that we feel comfortable in. So yeah, it does feel a bit 'punishing' to be pushing the outer limits of an indie pattern company's sizing, and maybe the whole 'small, medium, large' kind of sizing is never going to sound particularly flattering? Numbers seem a bit less judgemental :)

  2. Curves and supplements, what a great combo. The dress is cool too! I had the lovely experience dropping by your store on Thursday (with husband and kids in the car outside) and it didn't disappoint. I am following on instagram now and clearing the crafty decks to make room for some summer sewing. The future looks very bright. Thank you.

    1. It was lovely to meet you too Rebecca - it's always so pleasing when people from out of town make a special effort to drop in to our shop!

  3. Nothin' wrong with those curves.


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