Sunday, September 7, 2014

KID Shorts by MADE in Cotton + Steel

At The Drapery we're always on the lookout for patterns that are reliable basics that you will return to over and over. Also, patterns that make great beginners' projects: easy to tackle but also skill-building. The KID Shorts pattern by MADE (Dana Willard) is only available as a pdf download - you can't buy it in our shop - but it's such a good one we don't hesitate to recommend it. Make it up using some of our fabrics, of course! 

This is the size 6 (on my almost 7y.o. who is on the slightly spindly side), with the options of boy length, flat front, 'racer' trim and front pockets. There are so many options with this pattern that allow for so many different looks. All these options have their own beautifully clear instructions on the MADE blog with Dana's bright and inspiring photography.

 Fabrics are this adorable little tiger print on Japanese linen/cotton, by Alexia Abegg for Cotton + Steel (half a metre), and natural linen scraps for the pockets and binding. (Binding is 2" strips cut on the bias and pressed using the blue Clover Bias Tape Maker.)
 They have the running, jumping, playing weekend seal of approval, although Mr-Almost-Seven noted that next time I could make the openings of the pockets a bit higher up 'so stuff doesn't fall out'. Can do.
- Jane & Fiona xx


  1. Fab shorts Jane - but how's a kid meant to collect rocks, stick and the like if the pockets aren't deep! I might grab myself this pattern based on your recommendation - shorts are always a hit here.

  2. Oh, now these are some fab shorts!

  3. Those are fantastic shorts!! And what a jump, Clem! When did you get to be almost seven? That is crazy!!!


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