Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Twelve Days of Handmade Christmas Ideas: Day Eight - No Sew Felt Pencil Rolls

Number eight  in our series of Twelve (non-consecutive) Days of Handmade Christmas from The Drapery. Handmade Christmas gifts are thoughtful, cost-effective and kind to the earth. And they're just as rewarding to give as they are to receive.

 No-Sew Felt Pencil Roll
This project is criminally easy, and - even better - kids love it. There are many variations on this simple idea doing the rounds of the internet, but we first saw it right here.

You will need:
45 x 25cm piece of pure wool felt (we have rolls of felt in a rainbow of colours cut to this size in store)
70cm length of twill tape - ours is 2cm wide, but any width will do.
Sharp scissors or a craft knife, a ruler, tailors chalk or removable fabric markers, and a set of coloured pencils/crayons/drumsticks...etc.

1. Measure the width of your pencils - remember this measurement as that will be the width of your cuts into the felt.

2. Start by laying the felt piece flat on a table in front of you. Lay out all of the pencils on top, roughly where you want them to be positioned on the felt. Leave around 3cm to the left of where the pencils will begin and at least 7-8cm to the right of them. Make a few marks with the tailors chalk to remember these spots before you remove the pencils.

3. With a ruler and your tailors chalk, measure and mark two rows of dashes on the felt. Our pencils were rather thick, so we marked 1cm for each pencil and left 1.5cm in between each. The second row of dashes is 6cm below the first.

4. Use a craft knife to make the incisions, or if you are using scissors make a tiny fold and a small snip down the centre of each pencil-hole mark. Snip along all of your marks.

5. On the far right hand side, make a 2cm long incision about 1cm parallel to the right hand edge of the felt. Feed one end of the twill tape through and tie a knot.

Pop in the pencils - and roll on Christmas (heheh).

Bad puns aside, we think this would make a great stocking-stuffer. Perhaps something for the kids to take away on a post-Christmas holiday? (Easy plane/car entertainment). Paired with a beautiful notebook, this makes a thoughtful and creative gift for all ages.

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- Fiona & Jane xx

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