Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Twelve Days of Handmade Christmas - Day Nine: Fabric Bags for Gift Wrapping

Number nine  in our series of Twelve (non-consecutive) Days of Handmade Christmas from The Drapery. Handmade Christmas gifts are thoughtful, cost-effective and kind to the earth. And they're just as rewarding to give as they are to receive.

So, how are you wrapping gifts this year?

Paper gift wrapping can be an expensive and wasteful exercise, but the idea is nice: concealing the presents as a surprise and making them look pretty, too. So how about re-useable fabric bags that can be enjoyed year after year? These are so very simple to sew up, it's probably even easier than cutting paper, swearing at the sticky tape and so on!

Fabric Bags for Gift Wrapping

Make them in a range of dimensions to fit gifts of all shapes and sizes!

Here we have used half of a 40cm cut of linen (this heavyweight olive green is a huge 180cm wide). So this piece is 40 x 90cm.
You'll also need 2 pieces of twill tape or ribbon, 1 metre each.

Make a narrow double-fold hem at the short ends.

Fold in half, right sides together, and stitch down the long sides. Finish the seams (we've used a triple zigzag).
 In the middle of one hemmed edge, attach two 1 metre lengths of twill tape or ribbon.
 Turn your bag in the right way. It's ready to wrap!
 Place your gift inside and use the ties to wrap in opposite directions around and finish in a bow.

Of course there are many variations on fabric bags - you could make drawstrings or sew the twill tape into the seams near the top so they scrunch up the top.

And that's a wrap! Ehehhh....

(Special thanks for this gift wrapping idea to lovely customer Sara and credit also to this blog post at Soule Mama where we found this basic bag idea.)

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- Fiona & Jane xx

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