Thursday, February 15, 2018

The True Bias Ogden Cami in gingham seersucker

Are you thinking ‘here we go… yet ANOTHER person rabbiting on about that camisole pattern? Yes? If so I fully admit to knowing where you're coming from. The True Bias Ogden Cami must be be one of the most sewn patterns in the indie pattern/Instagram/sewing/blogging world since it was released back in 2016. It’s been almost impossible to scroll through ones Instagram feed without seeing another version of it sewn as is, lengthened into a dress, turned into PJs or otherwise customised. Not being much of a camisole person myself, I guiltily admit to having glazed over now and again when it has come to all this cami-love.
So. You know where this is going, right?

the front!
Lots has been said about this pattern, so I’ll keep it brief. It really is a good one, and now I see what the fuss has been about. It’s a simple garment, but those basics are sometimes challenging to get just right. It’s true - the Ogden is nicely drafted, comes together in a jiffy and the fit and shaping are spot on. There’s a good size range too (81.5-113cm bust measurement), plus there's also a mini/kids version available as a PDF from the True Bias website.

the back!

Considering the broad size range, I thought this would be a good one for my 14 year old daughter. At first she didn’t seem very excited about the pattern but chose this Japanese cotton gingham seersucker. I thought I’d just sew it up in her size and offer it to her, then use it as a shop sample if she didn’t want it. But, after getting her to try it on before hemming she declared it “legit” and nicely asked if it might be ready for her to wear for school casual clothes day later in the week. Win!

The Ogden has a half-lining/facing whereby the strap ends are fastened and enclosed between each layer, so the inside finish is nice and neat. With precious few pattern pieces here (front, back, lining front and back plus straps), and nothing tricky to sew, I think this would be an absolutely sterling gateway drug for a beginner garment sewer. Ideal for teens! I have been trying to make non-bossy suggestive noises about how great this would look in other colours to try to entice mine into letting me help her sew her own Ogden next time.

Sewn as per the pattern, but shortened by about 4-5cm and hemmed straight as per the request of the recipient. There’s a gentle shirt tail hem in the pattern, which is lovely too.

This seersucker has less drape than the pattern asks for, but we both liked the boxy shape we ended up with. The Ogden would also be lovely in washed linen, liberty lawn, a polished cotton like this Nan Iro or one of our new cotton/silk blends.

The Ogden has recently been introduced to print and we have copies in the shop, and online here.

- Fiona & Jane

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