Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Spring Tops: Deer + Doe Melilot view B

Are we really banging on about the same pattern for the third time on this blog? Well, yeah. In our defence: 
1. it's a really good pattern;
2. this is a different version;
3. how could we not include the Deer and Doe Melilot in our Spring Tops series? 
So there you go, it was unavoidable.

The Deer and Doe Melilot view B has short, dropped/cut on sleeves with cuffs and regular button placket. As shirts go, there are refreshingly few pieces - the placket is a folded over number and is included as part of the shirt fronts, plus there's no yoke at the back. 

Our English language booklet instructions had gone awol, so I doddled along with the French instructions, the (excellent) diagrams, an online translation service, a wing and a prayer. It worked out fine! It's labeled as difficulty level 4/5 but I found that it all came together without too much confusion.

To be honest I was also really just looking for an excuse to use this fabric, because I've been a bit in love with this fish print since it arrived in the shop. It allows me to stay in my comfort zone (black) with a little nod of fun (we've got it in blue too, just in case black isn't your thing). It's a crisp cotton lawn by Cotton and Steel and it's light, silky and very tightly woven. Yup, no ease at all, which makes it perfect for shirt making (so precise! takes a good crease!) but also perhaps not ideal if you have a tendency to wing it and you're working from directions in another language to your own. Thank goodness for seam-rippers.

Changes to the pattern: very few! I tried on one of Jane's Melilot shirts, so I knew the fit was fine without needing any fit adjustments. This is the 42, graded out slightly at the waist to a 44 (note to future self, probably not necessary). I only added one pocket instead of the two, plus I shortened the back shirt length so it matched the front.

A close up of the collar and my shabby ironing job. You might also notice that I didn't do any pattern matching - I was happy to embrace randomly scattered fish, hope I'm getting away with it.

I wasn't sure about the button down shirt for me but it's already seen a bit of wear so I can see more in my future. I'd love to incorporate the rounded collar in my next one, too. (I have my eye on this blue cotton gingham). Melilot would work brilliantly in some of our new linens, too.

Read about our other Melilots blogged here (view A, with sleeves) and here (popover version). We're currently out of stock of this pattern but please call or email us if you're interested and we'll let you know when it returns.

- Fiona & Jane xx

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