Thursday, May 5, 2016

Fabric Friday: sturdy 'Old Navy' 100% Linen

Welcome back to our occasional Fabric Friday series!
This 'Old Navy' mid-weight 100% Linen is an absolute beauty, and since our first bolt of it sold out in no time, we nabbed all the remainder from our supplier. It's unlikely to be repeated since it's a remnant from clothing manufacture.
'Old Navy' refers to the colour  (in case you're wondering whether it's related to the US clothing store, it's not). It's really a deep blue-ish toned charcoal.

 The 'right' side of it has a bit of polished sheen, while the back is matte.

Old Navy Linen is a pleasure to work with. It's extremely tightly woven and stable so all your pattern pieces will match up beautifully. The thing to watch out for is that the tightly woven linen has little to no 'give'. Bear this in mind if making a garment that requires a little breathing room, e.g. with a fitted waistband! (Speaking from experience....)
 This pair of Deer and Doe Chataigne shorts has been worn, washed and ironed so you can see how the linen relaxes a bit with wear.
It creates beautifully crisp edges and is very well suited to women's and men's garments that require a bit of weight and structure, but can also handle a bit of casual linen rumpling. A-line or straight skirts, jackets and blazers, wide-legged pants, overalls and pinafore/apron style dresses would all work well.

Being a manufacturer's roll end, this fabric is priced extremely well for such quality and classic style. Grab some before it's all gone (or we decide to keep it all for ourselves)!

Old Navy 100% Linen
150cm wide, mid-weight
in store and online

- Jane & Fiona xx

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