Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Pattern review: Marilla Walker Roberts Collection Jumpsuit

Summer is certainly here and like us you may be looking for clothing that is loose and cool. Allow us to introduce (if you haven't already met), the Roberts Collection by UK designer Marilla Walker. It's only available as a pdf downloadable pattern at the moment (follow link above to her Etsy shop), which means a lot of printing and stickytaping together. But I'm here to tell you it's well worth it!
What's more you get four distinctly different versions, and one not-so-different which is just a longer version of the dress. I want to make them all! But first up was View A. Yes, a jumpsuit... gasp.

This is actually my wearable muslin. Since the pattern takes 2.5m of 150cm wide fabric, it was a lot to risk on something that may not fit or even suit me. So I made up a straight size 4, which best met my measurements, in ordinary calico. And then since it fit so well I went ahead with the second part of my plan which was to dye it into something wearable.
I love the back seam details.
The colour was a haphazard mix of half a pack of turquoise, half a pack of denim blue and half a pack of black Rit dyes I had in the cupboard at home, boiled up on the stove according to directions. The mottling was unintentional but I like it.
The calico is not very strong and I'm not sure how long this garment will last but I'm going to thrash it while it does. Meanwhile I have another one immediately in the works in our amazing 'Settee' washed linen.
Other fabrics we think would work nicely include any other of our washed or heavier linens, for example this mid-weight charcoal:
these cotton/linen crossweaves:
this cotton crossweave which we have in five colours:
and this new mid-weight chambray:
Honestly the more we look around the shop the more we find that would be awesome in the various versions of this pattern.

The details:

PATTERN: Marilla Walker 'Roberts Collection' jumpsuit (View A)

FABRIC: home-dyed calico

SIZE: 4 (pattern goes from sizes 1 - 8, fitting bust 31 - 49 inches, hips 34 - 51 inches)

ALTERATIONS: None, the measurements given seem very accurate and the loose fit is forgiving.

  • The pattern came together really well and the instructions were great. Perhaps not a project for the complete beginner but anyone with a little experience should have no troubles. 
  • Marilla has you fell almost all the seams which makes for an attractive and strong finish, and she shows three different ways to achieve this. 
  • The neckline and button placket facing is all-in-one and topstitched down which makes for a great, neat finish with no annoying flappy facings. 
  • I would recommend sewing this jumpsuit with a polyester thread for strength. I used cotton in order to be able to dye it later and have already had to make a small repair to a 'stressed' seam.
  • I'm only 5'3" (163cm) and I think this fits me pretty well, so tall people may want to add length at the 'lengthen/shorten' lines which are clearly marked.
  • It's remarkably easy to iron since the whole garment lies more-or-less flat, and has the aforementioned topstitched facings. I find easy-to-iron garments have a much higher rotation in my wardrobe!
  • It's very bicycle-riding-friendly, hooray.
Love, love this pattern. Highly recommended! You might like to also check out Marilla's blog which has some lovely projects and information about her other patterns, too.

- Jane & Fiona xx


  1. Thank you! I have been searching high and low for a jumpsuit pattern and found your post on Pinterest. Looks great! I am definitely going to try this pattern, as I have not heard of it over here in the US. :)

    1. Thanks Katie, it's a fabulous pattern and we hope you enjoy it too :)

  2. I also found this post on Pinterest and I love this jumpsuit. It looks so casual and I love the mottling that you got from the dye process. I'm going to checkout Marilla's blog too. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for the feedback Molly! More than a year on, I still wear this and all my other Roberts Collection garments all the time. Highly recommended!


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