Thursday, August 20, 2015

Fabric Friday: Tweedy Bird hemp, organic cotton and wool

Hello friends, it's Fabric Friday again and today our feature fabric is one we call 'Tweedy Bird'.

COMPOSITION: 55% hemp, 32% organic cotton, 13% wool
WIDTH: 145cm
WEIGHT: mid, with a lovely soft hand and good drape
PRICE: $37.50/m

We have had many discussions here about whether the dark threads are black or a very deep 'ink' navy. They're probably black, but it depends on the light. In any case we believe you can wear this fabric with navy or black!

 The pinkish cast that may be appearing on your screen in the photo below is yet another trick of the light on this chameleon fabric. Isn't the selvedge pretty?
 What can you make with Tweedy Bird?
Well, we can certainly recommend it for Merchant & Mills patterns the Dress Shirt and Factory Dress, both seen below.

It would also make an excellent M&M Top 64, Sewaholic Hollyburn Skirt, Colette Juniper Trousers and more. It's a great transitional-season-weight, with the warmth and softness of wool, the strength of hemp and the easy-care of cotton. It holds up well to regular machine washing and does not require a large amount of ironing.

Tweedy Bird is available now in store and online.

- Jane & Fiona xx

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