Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Patterns we like: the Grainline Scout Tee

 We have been so happy that the excellent Grainline patterns have recently started to convert some of their PDF-only patterns into printed versions. Hooray - less sticky taping!

Among the patterns that have recently been put into print is their popular Scout Tee for woven fabrics. Yep, a t-shirt for woven fabrics. A wonderfully useful wardrobe item that can be sewn up in many of the wide world of printed woven fabrics (it would  make up well in any of our lightweight cottons.) There are no bust darts, but it's one of those well drafted - almost magic - garments that seems to fit a wide variety of body shapes really well.

 The Scout can be made from a US size 0 (32 inch bust) to an 18 (44 inch bust).  I thought this pattern would be a good one for my 11 year old daughter (so hard to find nice age-appropriate clothing for this in-between age group). So, we sewed up the size 0 in this fantastic Leah Duncan print for Art Gallery fabrics. This fabric is now sadly sold out, but we have loads of other Leah Duncan and Art Gallery fabrics in store.

It's a quick sew, and would be so easy to customise (here's a tutorial for longer sleeves, and another for this awesome slit-neck version). Happily, I was able to cut this size out of around a measley 80cm of this 110cm wide cotton. Win! 

And a close up of the neckline. To entice my, um, 'choosy' dresser (and unicorn fan), I sewed in this fantastic Sublime Stitching tag that Jane gifted us.

 You can find the Scout Tee here on our website - and of course in store, too.

- Fiona & Jane  xx

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