Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 4. Organic cotton double gauze cowl

For the second year, we're bringing you a bunch of ideas for handmade Christmas gifts and also, lovely gifts for the makers in your life. (Or, gifts for you to hint loudly at with your loved ones!)

Today, it's a lovely soft and light cowl/circle scarf in our brand new organic cotton double gauze.
 For some time now we've been extolling the virtues of cowls 
made in our washed 100% linen fabrics. 

These beautiful spotty double gauzes happen to also be that ideal width of 150cm, 
so you can make the softest, lightest cowl yet! 
To increase the feel-good factor, it's organic cotton. 
We even have organic cotton thread to sew it with.
 Whilst we love the hand-sewn look with our rustic linens, we feel the smooth delicacy of these double gauzes is well-suited to the neatness of machine sewing in matching thread that all-but-disappears. (Oh, and it's a really, really quick way to whip up a gift!)


 Ensure the edges of your fabric are nice and straight, and trim any loose threads.
Use a hot, steamy iron to fold the long raw edges in once, then over again.
 Sew the edges down to create a narrow hem on each long side.
 Join the selvedge ends and pin to keep neatly in place, 
then sew the ends together along the selvedge line.

 Open the selvedge ends out flat and press.
Sew the selvedges down so they lie flat. Trim any loose threads. 
Voila! Super-soft, spotty organic cotton cowl.

- Jane & Fiona xx

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