Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Grainline Moss Skirt in Woodgrain

I hope no-one minds that this is just a slightly edited version of the post for my personal blog... it's school holidays and two-for-one posts are about all that's manageable!

Ever since I saw the sample of this woodgrain fabric by Kokka of Japan that we ordered in for The Drapery, I had been imagining this.

The fabric is a mid-weight 100% cotton, very stable, and ideal for the Grainline Moss skirt. And Grainline, Moss, woodgrain - irresistible, right?

Presently the pattern is only available as a pdf download but Jen at Grainline is working hard on getting all her excellent patterns into print and we're poised to order for the shop. Aish Printing on Glen Osmond Road is a good place to get pdf patterns printed out if you hate all that taping of A4 paper.

This skirt is simply a fabulous basic. There's a goodly stack of excellent versions of it out there in the sewing blog-o-sphere so Google Image it up.

 The fabric looked like just a straight woodgrain until Fiona and I unfolded the sample and saw that along one edge, it has these crosscut sections lined up. We had a good giggle thinking about the placement possibilities of these circles in a dress. But for the sake of an actual wearable garment, I decided against a couple of big circles on my butt or whatever, and just popped a couple of slices in the pockets and around the waistband.
 Inside the pockets, I used some scraps of Nani Iro brushed cotton, which is so cosy to tuck my hands into!
Sorry about the rumpled Sunday morning styling.

This is my second version of the Moss skirt. I made my first in a beautiful Hemp/Cotton denim which I am pleased to announce will be back at The Drapery in the near future - in a slightly improved version in that it will be Hemp/Organic Cotton this time!

This is a straight size 14, made in the 'mini' version without the band around the bottom, but with a couple of inches extra length. (For a laugh, you may like to see the muslin I made to check the fit.)

The pattern has a zip fly, and I highly recommend referring to the photo tutorial on the Grainline blog if (like me) you haven't attempted one before. (I'm going to have to come back and add a link to that as it doesn't want to connect right now.) I can't say I found it easy, but the result is so very pleasing that it's totally worth a little... or a lot of... swearing and unpicking. And chocolate, tea and wine.

We have plenty of other fabrics at The Drapery, plain and patterned, that would make excellent Moss skirts so come on in for inspiration.

What's the most daring / unusual fabric you've ever used for a garment?

- Jane x

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