Monday, March 24, 2014

What can you make with brushed cotton?

The Drapery has recently received some really lovely Japanese brushed cotton fabrics, and the weather here is beginning to make them look so appealingly snuggly. So what can you use brushed cotton for?

Cool weather garments

We tried one of our favourite shirt patterns, the Esme by Sew Liberated, in Nani Iro 'Birds Eye' brushed cotton. We think you'll agree, it's such a lovely match of pattern and fabric. This garment will be on display in-store. (For as long as one of us can resist snaffling it home to wear.)

Sew Liberated - Esme - in Nani Iro brushed cotton
FYI: this top used 2 metres of fabric at 110cm wide. 
You can use brushed cotton in pretty much any circumstance where you would use cotton flannel / flannelette. It's slightly sturdier (very stable to work with) and has a slightly less fluffy surface, making it more appropriate for daywear. We can also imagine: button-up shirts, dresses  and skirts for women and children, kids' pants, scarves.

Nani Iro 'Birds Eye' is also available in mauve.

Cushions and pillowcases

It's easy to imagine cosying up with these fabrics in the months ahead.

Quilting - whole cloth or pieced

Add texture to a pieced quilt or showcase the beauty of a single fabric. The Nani Iro 'Painting Check' above (also available in red and grey colourways) uses the same hand-painted design as seen in our tutorial 'Whole Cloth Quilting with Nani Iro Double Gauze'. Just substitute the brushed cotton in and the result would be even snugglier.

Soft toys

Being a very stable, mid-weight fabric, and lusciously soft, these brushed cottons would make adorably cuddly soft toys.

Have you ever used brushed cotton, and if so, what for?

Also, what do you think: should we put together some whole cloth quilt kits, with instructions and all materials (lap quilt or cot quilt kind of size, 110cm square)?

- Jane & Fiona xx

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  1. That top is beautiful! I need some of that fabric!


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